2021 Ponta Delgada Hybrid


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Event co-organised by the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union Council and the European Commission


2nd - 4th June 2020

Concept Note

The "All-Atlantic R&I for a Sustainable Ocean: Ministerial High-level & Stakeholders Conference", Ponta Delgada, 2-4 June 2021, will bringing to a new level the existing dialogue and cooperation undertaken under the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance.

Focusing the theme “Connecting, Acting, Cooperating”, the aim of the All-Atlantic2021 Conference is to promote networking between Ministries, high-level representatives and ocean leaders including researchers, youth, entrepreneurs, academics and civil society, from along and across the Atlantic Ocean.  The event programme will take participants through networking, ministerial, institutional and thematic sessions which will feed into the closing session reflecting on the next level of ambition and the way forward for our cooperative scientific efforts in the Atlantic Ocean.

The networking sessions (June 2nd and 3rd) will take place in the conference online Blue Corridor where All-Atlantic Ocean Projects and Initiatives will showcase their latest activities and promote further collaboration to complement each other’s initiatives. The ministerial session (June 4th) will focus on how to sustain the on-going All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation cooperation in the long-term. The institutional sessions (June 4th) will focus on the achievements of the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance and the synergies that can be built amongst the many Atlantic Ocean existing research and innovation cooperative efforts. Thematic sessions (June 3rd and 4th) will showcase Atlantic community needs and Atlantic initiatives focused on providing solutions to the challenges faced by our Atlantic Ocean communities. Some thematic sessions will be followed by panel discussions between community leaders, researchers, industry and Youth Ambassadors from along and across the Atlantic, from the Arctic to Antarctica.

As a step forward in the work developed by the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance, this three-day event intends to contribute to leveraging the All-Atlantic R&I Cooperation through two main legacy outputs, an EU Portuguese Presidency Conference Declaration and the All-Atlantic Pledging Platform, providing an excellent opportunity to strengthen and contribute to the European Green Deal, to the Horizon Europe Mission on Ocean, Seas and Waters, as well as to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

This event follows on the very successful All-Atlantic Ocean Research Fora (Brazil, 23 - 24 July 2018, Belgium, 6 - 7 February 2020, and South Africa, 3 - 4 December 2020).


All-Atlantic2021 Legacy

The All-Atlantic Pledging Platform

The All-Atlantic Pledging Campaign is a long-term initiative to collect voluntary, result-oriented, personal or institutional commitments to contribute to provide solutions to the many challenges that the Atlantic Ocean holds for people living on its shores and consolidate them on an Atlantic Ocean scale, always taking into account specific local, national and regional contexts. The campaign is taking place thanks to an online collaborative platform for advancing or initiating cooperation in the Atlantic region aimed at advancing the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance.

The well-being of present and future generations relies on our collective effort: now is the time to act.

Please find more information about the All-Atlantic Pledging Platform here [add a link to the new section in our portal].

The Portuguese Presidency Declaration

The Portuguese Presidency Declaration will be a natural result of the Ministerial High Level & Stakeholders Dialogue and is expected to be issued during the Conference. The Portuguese Presidency Declaration will be a major milestone for the continued cooperation along and across the Atlantic Ocean promoting a sustainable use of this shared resource.


To access the Programme of this event click visit the event official page here:

  1. Side events (2nd and 3rd June)
  2. Main conference days (3rd and 4th June)

Side Events

The Blue Corridor, which are a series of online side events (11:30 AM - 7:00 PM UTC on June 2nd and 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM UTC on June 3rd), will showcase latest activities of different All-Atlantic Ocean Projects and Initiatives and promote further collaboration amongst complementary initiatives from along and across the Atlantic Ocean in the six thematic priority areas identified by the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance: (1) Atlantic Ocean Health: climate variability and ecosystem approaches, (2) Atlantic Ocean observation, forecasting and monitoring, (3) Food security, ocean resources and biodiversity, (4) Ocean Technology, (5) Marine pollution, and (6) Polar research. For more information about the side events scheduling and their respective registration forms, please visit: https://www.allatlantic2021.eu/side-events/.


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